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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lunch @ Bistro Vue

Bistro Vue is the latest part of the Shannon Bennett empire. Following on from the fine dining temple that is Vue de Monde came Cafe Vue - this new venture is a take on a typical French Bistro located far from the Paris end of Collins Street. Three dining experiences all located in the one building.

We start with the usual - this time it's the ever faithful Champagne Jacquesson 730. To go with our meal we choose a bottle of the 2003 Louis Sipp Pinot Gris ($60).

Breads for the table

Along with the champagne a hessian bag is deposited on the table containing four torpedo shaped baguettes - I'd say there were spelt sour dough with a nice chewy character.

Poulet et escargot en rouleaux ($14)

Paalo opts to start with the snails - they are served in the shell and with a most incredible curry flavoured sauce. The sauce is also found in the glass. There are also 3 chicken filled rolls.

Chicken and Foie Gras Terrine ($22)

I have the terrine - the bread is toasted brioche that is wonderfully smoky from the grill. The chicken is divided by two generous layers of foie gras that just melt in your mouth. It's quite a substantial dish.


Poulet Roti ($29/person)

For our main we decide to have one of the two offerings that are available to share. The photo is of one serving. We both get a breast, leg and thigh each which is a very generous serve along with some still crunchy golfball carrots. The meat is above reproach, wonderfully tender and juicy and perfectly cooked.

fries spinach

Our side dishes are the Pommes Frites ($8) and Curried Spinach ($8). Now in the reviews of this place one of the criticisms has been the size of the serving of fries. Not once has "the aged" reviewer ever mentioned that these frites are cooked in GOOSE FAT. Sorry but I think the fact that they are cooked in goose fat goes to explain the portion size. These bear no relation to those found at the Scottish hamburger joint and therefore are not needed to be sold in super-sized portions.

cheese breads

Fromage - we show no favourites and choose a goat, cow and sheep cheese. For $20 you get 90 grams (approx.) of however many cheese you like and it's served with a good selection of breads including grissini, lavosh, black sesame seeded cheese cracker and the sourdough torpedo.

A cherry and rhubarb relish is served alongside.


Tart Tartin aux poires for two ($24)

Our final indulgence is another dish for two - a Pear Tart Tartin that has got to be the best version of this dish we've ever eaten. If you come for nothing else, just come to have this!

A glass of Vue de Monde by Chambers Muscadelle ($7) is happily sipped as we savour the tartin.

The details:

Bistro Vue
Normandy Chambers
430 Little Collins St (Entry via New Chancery Lane)
Phone: (03) 9691 3838

Open: Monday to Saturday 11am to Late


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