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Friday, May 25, 2007

Dinner @ Fenix

It's buzzing tonight at Fenix, the restaurant is full, upstairs and downstairs function rooms are full and it's a mix of new and newer dishes tonight.

As usual, we begin with Champagne Ruinart and the green tea palette cleanser.

A mix of field and cultivated mushrooms in a smoked tuna broth - there's a cleansing pungency in the broth that makes it a great way to start the meal.
To drink: Jones Road Chardonnay

Seared scallops with aloe vera, pork jelly and baby fennel
To drink: Scorpo Pinot Gris

A new dish for us - love the just cooked scallops, excellent texture. The baby fennel has to be smallest fennel I've ever seen, it's to the left hand side of the plate, that small green coloured object. Between the scallop halves is the segment of aloe vera and to the right of the plate, the pork jelly.

Wild Barramundi: Brussels sprout, parsnip, truffle sand
To drink: Jones Road Chardonnay

We're both happy to see this dish again and happier to report the fish is still as fabulous as our previous tasting.


From this view you can make out the truffle sand a little better, it's sitting between the cubes of parsnip - the sand tends to dissolve in the mouth and it leaves you with that lovely hint of truffle. The dark liquid is the lactose caramel.

Dehydrated Vegetables: bone marrow, beetroot soil

I've said it before but the flavours of the dehydrated vegetables are amazingly intense and when coupled with texture of the marrow it's a dish that demands attention.

Pork Scotch with Caramelised Witlof and Cocoa and Coffee

goat cheese
Goats Curd: Fennel Flower
To drink: Sauterne

The previous time we had this dish it was without a wine match - this time it's matched to a Sauterne which I think works well in providing that missing sweet element.


Confit cumquats, burnt orange cream and macadamia - the macadamia reminds us of the almond polvoron we savoured at the Mugaritz dinner. We both just loved every part of this dessert - Paalo likened it to toast and marmalade - the macadamia in the role of the toast, the burnt orange cream is the lashings of butter and the confit cumquats, naturally enough is the marmalade.

Tarragon Marshmallow: earl grey, chocolate sand

If the confit cumquats puts you in heaven, then you reach nirvana here. Our previous comments stand in regards to this offering.

petit fours

To finish off:
Vanilla Jellies, Salt and Vinegar Chocolate Sticks and Coffee Macaroons.

The details:

Fenix can be found at
680 Victoria Street Richmond
(03) 9427 8500

Tuesday - Sunday for Lunch
Tuesday - Saturday for Dinner



  1. I'm sure you've probably mentioned this before but what makes you visit Fenix more frequently than other places? Looking at the gorgeous dishes you've tried I'm not at all surprised you keep returning!

  2. Well, truffle, you hit one of the many nails right on the head. There are many other reasons as well but that is probably the main reason. The others in no particular order are:

    The seats are really comfortable and the tables large and well spaced.

    The view is great, specially at Lunch, Fenix is the exception to the old rules about restaurants with views.

    Fantastic service and wonderfully matched wine. When you become well known at any restaurant it's almost like having a meal with your friends.

    It's close to our abode and parking is never a problem or the taxi fare is very low.

    It's excellent value for money.

    The style of food is very much what we like.

    So all these combined means that Fenix is just about OUR perfect restaurant and that is why we go there a lot.

  3. Those are all excellent reasons!

    I'm always intrigued by how couples find their favourite restaurants and particularly so when it comes to such foodie couples as you and Haalo! Thanks for sharing :)


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