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Monday, April 16, 2007

That's Gold

The Age 16/4/2007

TASTE buds are such individual little creatures, so when those of Vue de Monde diner Jeffrey Kelson went home sad and unfulfilled, he fired off a complaint to wunderkid chef Shannon Bennett.

Here's a sample of the 1300-word tirade: "The A3 white plates on the table were almost empty, but for thimblefuls of something unrecognisable. I was reminded of a Mondrian, Arp or a Miro, hugely creative minimalist art … but minimalist food? A Zen Buddhist would have appreciated the creativity and possibly thanked them for this minimalist approach. We paid our bill and went for a hamburger."

Bennett returned fire with his blow torch: "Had you been able to construct a succinct critical email following your dinner with us, I would actually be concerned that you did not enjoy your evening with us."

Diary: Poor Jeffrey thought it was succinct at 1305 words, to be exact, and even researched his thesis to compare his experience with the restaurant's reviews.

Shannon kept stirring: "The biggest positive I draw from your email is that I am sure you will never walk through the restaurant doors again and will choose to eat a hamburger instead … for that I am truly thankful."

And that, sir, is yours to digest.

Paalo question follows: I wonder why he didn't just say "yuk"?


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