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Friday, July 13, 2007

Dinner @ Lulo

It's Friday the 13th and we decide to tempt fate by trying a new tapas bar. Lulo fuses Latin American and Spanish cuisine's and their menu is simply divided into Tapas and Racion sized dishes - on the night we went there was also a considerable number of specials available.

We opt to try a mix of regular and specials tapas:

cured meats prawns
Left - cured meats - Jamon, spiced and mild Spanish salamis
Right - boiled prawns wrapped in Jamon with a charred corn salsa (*special)

meatballs yucca

Left: Beef Albóndigas (*special)
Right: Yucca Fries with Aioli

Albóndigas were very tender and moist and served with a rich tomato based sauce. The Yucca fries were delightful and matched well to the aioli.


Fried Chicken and Almond Spareribs (another of the nights specials) - way better than anything offered by the colonel. The almonds form part of the chicken's coating which make it wonderfully crunchy, it's also well spiced.

We are then presented with the Racion - these are slightly bigger dishes that are also meant to be shared

beef ribs

Slow cooked Beef Spare Ribs


Mixed Mushrooms with Chorizo - another special


Cheese Plate: Fetta in Olive oil, Red Wine Soaked Cheese, Manchego


Churros to share but only if you have too.

Overall, we enjoyed the dishes on offer and the restaurant has a modern feel, which can be best described as Hawthorn's idea of Brunswick street, minus the ferals. Be warned though that the chairs aren't the most comfortable and all the solid surfaces makes quiet conversation almost impossible.

The details:
798 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn
Phone: 9818 8321

Monday - Friday: 12pm - 3.30pm and 4.30 - late
Saturday: 5.30pm - late
Sunday: Closed



  1. Anonymous10:37

    That cheese platter looks fantastic.

  2. Hi Matthew - it certainly was enjoyed, the fetta was particularly good.

  3. I am just back from Barcelona with a strong tapas craving so was overjoyed to see this post. I hadn't heard of Lulo before so thanks for sharing.

  4. Welcome Back Truffle - just loved your post on barcelona I don't know if our spanish food can be anywhere near as good as the real thing.


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