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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vale Fenix

This should have been a post about dining at Fenix tonight but instead this will serve as notice that Fenix appears to have shut the restaurant side down and will be concentrating on the function side of the business.

When I last wrote about Fenix I started off by saying that it was our last visit for the year, it now looks like it was our last visit period.

It's sad not to have been able to say goodbye to all the great people that work there and have made dining there such a great experience.

We both hope that this isn't a permanent thing and that Fenix will rise again.


  1. That place looked like a very interesting restaurant... it's a shame.

  2. Indeed it was Roberto.

  3. Such a shame. My biggest regret is that I only got to eat their once, and it was such a fantastic experience.

  4. Hi Jon - We're sorely missing Fenix as well, it really was a place that did not get the credit from the foodanistas that it deserved.


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