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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dinner @ Charcoal Grill on The Hill

Paalo was channeling his inner carnivore and decided he'd like to have some beef for dinner - as none was in the fridge, he suddenly remembered that we hadn't been to Charcoal Grill on The Hill for want seems like an eternity - so with an ideal opportunity arising we promptly headed off.

Besides the good beef, this place is equally as well known for its wine list. Dejan Derbogosijan has a passion for wine and maintains a massive cellar and on the night we dined, Phillip Jones from Bass Phillip was hosting a wine dinner upstairs.

Tonight we'll be enjoying our meal with an excellent Italian - a 1993 Flaccianello della Pieve.

Menu wise - this is a place for beef lovers - you can get chicken breast though I'd be prone to say why bother. There's excellent grass feed eye fillet, sirloin, porterhouse and rump as well as some wagyu versions of same. The standard main serve is 300 grams but you can request larger - the menu also lists the "meat eating champions" - I cannot believe one person ate over 3 kilos of sirloin in one siting!

To begin:


Paalo has the chevapi sausage - 3 fat fingers of their speciality sausage - roughly minced it remains moist on the inside with a good level of spice - the simplest of presentation but the flavour speaks for itself.


I have the duck sausage - it's actually a lot fluffier than I had imagined and it is served with Broccolini that have also been grilled.

Onto mains


We both opt to have the sirloin - cooked rare and it is served with bowls of fries and vinegared coleslaw.

As we are eating, I ask Paalo if he think he could eat 10 of these to try for the record. He sadly conceeds that he couldn't and I really don't know how anyone could.

Our steaks were perfectly prepared - coming off the grill as we ordered, wonderfully rare.

After mains, the waiters come around with the cheeseboard to tempt the diners - more often than not they are successful. I think being able to see the cheese certainly is a great enticement to have it.

Naturally enough, we don't need too much enticement to have cheese and we make a selection of 3 from the 9 or so on offer

a French washed rind, Gorgonzola dolce and a French camembert

For dessert

Paalo has the Sticky date pudding

and I have the lemon and lime tart with brûlée topping

If you are in the mood for some really good red wine and top-quality steak then Charcoal Grill on The Hill is a place you should visit.

The details:
Charcoal Grill on The Hill
289 High Street, Kew

Phone: 03 9853 7535

Friday: 12 - 3pm
Monday - Saturday: 6pm - 11pm


  1. Anonymous13:35

    I ate there recently and was told that they use a gas griller - NOT real charcoal!

    Not sure whether I'll eat there again . . .

  2. I'm wondering how you missed the grill - it's in the dining room in plain sight!


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