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Friday, October 02, 2009

Flight - Melbourne to Sydney

October is the start of the unfortunately named Sydney International Food Festival or SIFF. Perhaps my brain is just wired a little differently but I just can't help but mentally add the word less every time I hear or see SIFF (I'll give you a minute to work that out). I'm just thankful we don't have the Melbourne International Literary Festival though the name might just inspire us to see some of the usual drivel that accompanies such festivals.

The reason we're going to Sydney is to attend a friend's exhibition opening which just happens to be a SIFF event but more about that in a later post.

Unlike overseas trips we're leaving at a more civilised time of 10.30am. The run to the airport is a quick one so after checking in we have some time to relax in the Qantas Lounge.

While we wait we have an excellent view of not one but three A380's.

a380© by Haalo

the third one is to the left of the photo and in the process of being loaded. Since Qantas only has 3 of these planes we're seeing 2/3rds of their fleet in one go.

There are naturally delays to our flight, one of which involves that Qantas A380

a380© by Haalo

a380© by Haalo

a380© by Haalo

As it takes off before us, we have to wait for the air to clear before we can go. They are impressive to watch and their wing structure makes them quite distinctive.

window view© by Haalo

What's a flight without the obligatory shot out of the window?

For our onboard dining experience there are two choices, a fruit salad with yoghurt or this:

qantas business lunch© by Haalo

qantas business lunch© by Haalo

It's a pastry-less tart, more like a frittata, taste is perfectly acceptable and it's served with roasted cherry tomatoes and bacon - the bacon is a bit hard and dry.

There's also a small fruit salad - all the fruit is pretty fresh. Tea and coffee is offered but life is too short to drink filter coffee. You're also offered a pastry selection:

qantas business lunch© by Haalo

It's always a bit funny on these flights that basically as soon as you've got your food, it's virtually time to start getting ready to land.

Surprisingly even after leaving about 20 minutes late we arrive pretty much on time.

After a short wait for our bag it's off to catch a taxi to the Sydney Hilton.

Authors Note:
Paalo and Haalo travel courtesy of themselves using their own hard earned money.


  1. Super post - food & travel together in one, loved it! Lise :^)

  2. Super post - food & travel together in one, loved it! Lise :^)


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