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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lunch @ The Undertaker

The Undertaker hasn't had the easiest life - since it opened in 2005 it seems to have muddled through trying to find some kind of niche in which it could settle. Its latest reinvention sees it turning to Chef Paul Wilson as its "Food Director". The upstairs dining room is now gone, which after our last visit, isn't that surprising. The focus now appears to be on the downstairs space and creating a "progressive cafe" called Social. I hope this progression includes getting rid of their horrid Com Media designed website.

the undertaker© by Haalo

On the menu you'll find that the offerings are divided into a selection of shared plates, Coca (the Spanish pizza), Posh Burgers, a couple of steaks, a fish of the day and a few other uncategorised mains as well as three sides.

We begin with a couple of starters:

the undertaker© by Haalo

I always get excited when I see whitebait on the menu but I am usually disappointed to find they are not those silverfish sized whitebait but these larger anchovy sized versions. They were crisp, not too oily and the sauce had a nice kick to it.

the undertaker© by Haalo

It's a bit disconcerting to find this is served on a stone cold tabouleh, especially so when the skewers are so lovely and hot. It would be much improved to serve the tabouleh warmer. The chicken was nicely flavoured, quite juicy, though Paalo judged it "not as good as yours"

For mains:

the undertaker© by Haalo

There are four Coca available and this was quite tasty - I think the combination was pretty perfect. The dough isn't too thick though quite different to the Coca I've made.

the undertaker© by Haalo

A hearty burger that just can't be eaten as is - the combination of burger, bun and accompaniments can't be squashed enough to fit into the mouth. With that said, the burger itself was excellent - good flavour and still nice and juicy.

the undertaker© by Haalo

The details:

The Undertaker
329 Burwood Road

Phone: 9818 3944

Monday to Sunday - Lunch and Dinner



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