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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Roast Night @ Home Dining Room

Home Dining Room have been running a few dinner specials for a little while now - Tuesday is Steak Night and Wednesday is Roast Night (Ed - they have now introduced a Kids Menu Night on Thursday and Friday). The cuts of steak and the roasts change fairly frequently but when we heard that tonight Roast Pork would be on offer, we really couldn't resist.

We started with a couple of share dishes:
Home Dining Room© by Haalo
Prawns with lardons and smoked tomato broth

This is a new share plate - beautifully sautéed prawns with fantastic crispy tails, much to Paalo's delight. The combination of smoky tomato and salty pork is a perfect foil to the sweet prawn meat.

Home Dining Room© by Haalo
Red Lentil Koftas
It has to be a pretty good legume dish to have Paalo coming back to more - excellently spiced with a soft interior and crisp shell.

Onto the focus of Roast Night -

Home Dining Room© by Haalo
Roast pork with apple sauce
Just look at that incredible crackling! It's been rolled and stuffed with a mix of dried fruits, like fig and apricot and served with a dollop of apple sauce. Underneath, crisp and fluffy roasted potatoes sit alongside roasted carrots, pumpkin and parsnip. It's not worth trying making it yourself and at $19 (which includes a glass of wine) this is an absolute steal.

  The details:

  Home Dining Room
  601 Burwood Road

  Phone: 9819 5555

  Tuesday to Sunday - Breakfast to Dinner

  Website: Home Dining Room


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