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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dinner @ Fenix

We hadn't intended to go out to dinner but time got away from me today causing my cooking plans to be shelved until tomorrow. A call to Fenix and good news followed - we'd be going out to dinner!

There's a change in the house champagne, we're offered a 1999 Drappier Champagne. What doesn't change is that we opt for the degustation or as it's called in the menu "Pollination".

I should note that most of the dishes following are not those listed on the current degustation menu - I suppose because we've had a lot of the dishes, these ones were created for us. Now that's a nice touch!

Tempura Marron, Zucchini cream and Asparagus Sorbet on grated almonds
The marron was terrific but the asparagus sorbet was divine - intense flavour in a pure form.

Pork Belly, sherry jelly, Egg at 62°C, potato textures
A divinely delicious dish - the wonderful 62° egg and meltingly soft pork belly combine with the smoothest potato puree and spiced sherry jelly cubes.

Red Wine Foam, Smoked Eel, Grilled Pineapple on black pudding crumbs
The grilled pineapple sits atop crispy black pudding crumbs. The smoked eel had a fabulous flavour and just fell apart - I can't say I'm usually a fan of eel but this was excellent.

Assiette of Rabbit, kidney, liver, braised cabbage, roasted melon
This dish is on the degustation menu. A rack of rabbit and a seared slice of the saddle accompanied by a sautéed kidney and liver.

Coconut Marshmallow, Mango mousse, fried shallots, salt caramel
Yes, there are fried shallots in this dessert but they do make sense in the context of the dish. They offer a really interesting crunch and slight sweet tang that complements the smooth mango mousse. A sticky pool of salt caramel sits at the bottom of the bowl.

Basil Sorbet, Raspberry Foam

Chocolate soil, milk sorbet, chocolate toffee

Petit Fours - mango jelly, salt & vinegar chocolate, raspberry lollypop

The details:
680 Victoria Street Richmond
Phone: (03) 9427 8500
Open: Tuesday - Sunday for Lunch; Tuesday - Saturday for Dinner


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