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Saturday, February 09, 2008


This should have been a post about a place called Via Verona in Kew however it turned out to be a bit of a sorry affair, not helped when the young female barista burst into tears and ran out the back. So needing a caffeine mix, we've headed to Camberwell to revisit, in my case, Degani.

There's a different barista on duty today and I've noticed that they have removed the words "australian champion barista" from the chalkboard.

The coffee comes out looking much as it did the last time - sans any latte art.

Paalo tries a raspberry muffin

and I have a full serve of their famous sultana bread. Once again these are huge slices - you can also have this served as a single. Two little packets of butter accompany the bread - I'm not a big user of butter on bread but even I thought that wasn't nearly enough. I'm sure they would give you more if asked but I think it would be nicer if they placed at least another one on there at the start.

Considering the size of the dishes served here and how many of them go back to the kitchen only half eaten because they are too big, it seems a bit odd to be so stingy with the butter.

The bread I must say was excellent.


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