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Monday, April 28, 2008

Event @ Interlude

Interlude has recently been holding a series of dinner and this one certainly got our attention:
Join Raymond and Robin for an eight course degustation with matched wines on Monday the 28th April.

Raymond has always been a proponent of molecular gastronomy and some of the techniques that Robin uses at Interlude.

It promises to be an amazing and inspiring night with unique food interpretations matched with wines selected by Interlude sommelier Jason Tozer.

With the opportunity to sample the menu from these two innovative chefs it's pretty obvious that we would be there.


While the dining room has great lighting for dining it is not really conducive for taking good photos of the food and as I'm not about to use flash or bring a tripod and the nikon d80 these rather dim photos will have to do.


To get things started we are offered a small bowl of beer flavoured nuts and these chips served with an aerated creamy malt vinegar sauce. The beer flavoured nuts certainly did live up to their name while the "salt and vinegar" chips were a playful way to awaken those tastebuds.

The first course is a dish from Interlude

Oliver our Twist
To drink: NV Manzanilla Sanlucar de barrameda, Delgato Zuleta

The jellied strand made from green olives runs diagonally along the plate and it's crossed at both ends by toasted breadcrumbs from olive bread. Shards of olive oil toffee are placed randomly along the length. There are dots of roasted red capsicum and hints of anchovy.

The second dish is from Ray


Scampi, roasted, Almond Tripe, Oil
To drink: 2006 Kremstal Riesling Salomon "Undhofkogl"

This is just the type of dish you expect from Ray - the flavours are clean and well-balanced and the dish is devoid of extranegeous elements. The texture of the almond tripe was quasi-gelatinous and provided a contrast to the scampi while highlighting its natural sweetness.

The third dish is from Interlude

Snail Trail
To drink: 2007 Mornington Peninsula Pinot Gris, Paradigm Hill

I wish the light was better in this photo so you could really appreciate the presentation.

There are three snails racing up the plate - their "trails" are representations of the traditional accompaniments. The snails themselves are wrapped in a mushroom puree and topped with a meringue snail shell.

The fourth dish is from Ray

Sous Vide Hapuka, Orange Zest, Green Crab May-Vin, Leeks, Hazelnuts
To drink: 2006 Bourgogne Chardonnay Paul Pillot

The consistency of the Hapuka itself was incredible - tender and gelatinous.

The fifth dish is also by Ray


Slow Cooked Pork Cheek, Pickled Apple, Cinnamon, Organic Earth
To drink: 2000 Alsace Gewurztraminer Reserve Trimbach

What looks like a cinnamon stick is actually rolled filo that is flavoured with ground cinnamon - the idea is break the stick over the pork.


The pork itself is as tender as butter and actually quite lean.

The sixth dish is from Interlude


Duck, Bacon, Foie Scramble, Short Stack
To drink: 2006 Langhe, Nebbiolo Marchesi di Gresy "Martinenga"

Another dish where I wish the light was better - there's a lot happening on the plate.

This is a new dish from Robin - the short stacks are those four small discs which are mousse like in consistency but do taste like pancake. The foie scramble looks a lot like scrambled eggs and it's served alongside cubes of roasted duck. There's quite a sweetness to the dish but the bacon comes into play providing a salty foil.

The seventh dish is by Ray


Molecule of Light
To drink: 2006 Moscato d'Asti, La Pinetta "Bricco Quaglia"

One bite of this and we were back in Italy eating this. There's the unmistakeable taste of smoked buffalo milk.

The eight dish is by Interlude


Total Eclipse
To drink: NV Seppelt Rutherglen Grand Muscat

This dish was a study of chocolate in various forms.

The final dish is by Interlude


Coconut Canyon
To drink: 1996 Vouray Modelleux, Dom Pichot

The final course are the petit fours


which you should always leave room for!

At the end of the night we were given a wax-sealed menu


and also a little something that we can eat later


To see how the Pudding turned out - look here.

There will be another dinner on Monday 26th May and if you missed this one then make sure you book early for what will be a brilliant night of stunning food and wine.

The details:

211 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Phone: 9415 7300

Lunch: Tuesday to Friday 12-3pm
Dinner: Monday to Saturday 6.30pm to late



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