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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lunch @ Hellenic Republic

Hellenic Republic© by Haalo

There's been some changes to the menu since our previous visit but that hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of the punters - the place is packed but we've managed to grab a seat on the communal table.

Hellenic Republic© by Haalo

To drink, we opt for the more casual approach, a half kilo of red - served in these tin jugs. It's the perfect tipple for this odd collection of dishes.

Hellenic Republic© by Haalo
Cured Meat Platter - pork, beef and lamb - syrian pork loin, bastourma and lamb ham

Hellenic Republic© by Haalo

The famous souvlaki - it's actually not on the menu but it can still be ordered.

Hellenic Republic© by Haalo

This one is filled with roasted chicken rather than the more usual lamb - it is still just as delicious.

Hellenic Republic© by Haalo

Spanakopita - spinach and feta pie

Hellenic Republic© by Haalo

Giant beans cooked in a rich tomato based sauce and at the rear, Village Salad

There's one thing you notice when you sit in a shared table and that is people's little habits. One rather odd thing kept happening over and over again. As I've mentioned previously the tables are set with oil and vinegar in which you use to dress your salad. What we found rather peculiar is that this lovely olive oil (and the vinegar) is being used to dunk peoples bread in. That is not what it is there for - so leave your bread bare and just stick to soaking up all those lovely juices in the dishes you've ordered.


Hellenic Republic© by Haalo

Semolina Tarts - an ultra generous serve of 3 and

Hellenic Republic© by Haalo

impossible to resist, loukoumades - these were even better than the last time we had them.

If you manage to snag a booking, just remember - the oil is for the food not the bread.

The details:

Hellenic Republic
434 Lygon Street

Phone: 9381 1222

Dinner - Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch - Friday to Sunday
Breakfast - Saturday - Sunday


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