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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

European Vacation - France

The fearless four have returned for the second European Vacation with Raymond Capaldi. It's Bastille day and our destination is France!

Once again there is a 3 course set menu - options include a Soup and Side dishes as well as wine matches. We've once again opted for the whole experience.


matteo's© by Haalo

Ignore the horrid colour shift in the photo, the soup was more brown in colour. Quite a different texture from what we'd expected due to the inclusion of lentils - as velvety as you'd expect but with more body. Seared rounds of langoustine adorned the center of the bowl.

~Hors d'oeuvre~

matteo's© by Haalo

To drink: 2007 Reverdy La Reine Blache Sancerre

What a clever dish - all the ingredients of cassoulet presented as a terrine. Even the cassoulet crust was represented by those garlic croutons and scattering of loose beans. You can't see it in the photo but I especially loved that beans were also in the terrine, located at the very top in the corner.

~Plat Principal~

matteo's© by Haalo

To drink: 2003 Parker Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon

According to the menu the braise took 14 hours, 19 minutes and 12 seconds, I also have a bridge in Sydney I'd like to sell.

However long it took, the end product is divine, fork tender, meltingly beautiful. Sweet carrots and a cloud-like mousseline.

~Side Dishes~

matteo's© by Haalo

matteo's© by Haalo

matteo's© by Haalo


matteo's© by Haalo

To drink: 2005 Le Tertre du Lys d'Or

Chausson aux pommes translates to Apple Slipper, it's a type of apple turnover. Sorrel crème had a refreshing green apple taste.

The details:

533 Brunswick Street, Nth Fitzroy
Phone: 9481 1177

Lunch: Sunday-Friday from noon
Dinner: 7 days from 6pm



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