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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lunch @ Barkers Wine Bar & Bistro

We are back thanks again to another trip to Ikea but this time we've finally made it into the Bistro.

We began with a couple of dishes to share:

barkers wine bar© by Haalo

We had a tease of this dish on the Tasting plate in the Bar, in its "full" version you'll find tempura oysters - these are light and crisp. The salmon is sliced lengthways presenting you with wonderful sheets of cured salmon.

barkers wine bar© by Haalo

Another section of the Bar's Tasting plate served "full size" - an excellent duck liver mousse and unctuous pork rillettes are equal partners to the dense terrine.

For mains:

barkers wine bar© by Haalo

I decided to try another pizza - this was one from the specials board and it removed any issues I had with the first one I had here. It was thin and crisp, it had none of that sagging or oiliness and the combination and quantity of topping was perfect.

There should be a photo of Paalo's main but it was just way too blurry. It's not that important since he ended up ordering the Coopers Beer Battered Fish and Chips and we've got a photo of that from our first visit.

The details:

Barkers Wine Bar and Bistro
84 Barkers Road

03 9853 6638

Monday to Sunday: Noon till Late



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