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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lunch @ Les Boucheries Parisiennes

It's been too long between visits so for our last restaurant meal of 2009 we're off to Les Boucheries Parisiennes. There's a few new dishes on the menu and some favourites so we've left the decision making in the very capable hands of Chef Paul.

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

While you know you're always going to get really good steak here, the scallops are just as reliable. Plump Canadian scallops quickly seared so they stay translucent on the inside served atop a pea and parsley risotto that would make an Italian mama very happy.

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

Wonderfully crisp and meaty soft shell crabs.

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

A triology of pork is Paalo's description - crisp skinned pork belly, cabbage and bacon salad topped with crisp pancetta.

For mains:

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

You don't often see Rainbow Trout on the menu

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

but you must admit it looks quite lovely - those sweet potato crisps seem to accentuate the colour of the trout.

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

On the other side of the plate is a densely packed round of spiced crab topped with diced avocado.

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

Tender duck breast still lovely and pink, matches well with the earthy mashed potato. Confit duck ravioli is delightful with its beautifully thin dough.

For dessert:

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

It sounds obvious but Baileys makes for a great flavour.

les boucheries parisiennes© by Haalo

One of my favourite cheesecakes of the year - I love the vanilla seeds through the cheesecake but the praline biscuit base is genius, it's crunchy and chewy and leaves you wanting more.

Les Boucheries Parisiennes will be closed early January so do ring to see if they are open.

The details:

Les Boucheries Parisiennes
268 Toorak Road, South Yarra

Phone: (03) 8256 1636

Lunch - Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner - Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm to late



  1. I went to Les Boucheries when it first opened and loved it. I haven't been back in a long time (moved away) and everything still looks delicious from your pics but a bit...small. Is that what you found?

    Jetsetting Joyce

  2. I've always found the dishes here just about right, not big, not small but as you can see we usually go for the 3 or 4 course option, perhaps it's because they use large plates? Size is so subjective.


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