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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Breakfast @ Demitris Feast

We've been meaning to visit Demitri's Feast ever since it opened last year but with one thing or another we never made it despite our good intentions. Finally, we correct the situation.

demitri's feast© by Haalo

Lokaniko is a terrific smoky spiced sausage, a great change from the usual pork banger. The vine tomatoes are a lovely touch too.

demitri's feast© by Haalo

There's a lovely underlining hint of ouzo in the salmon - it's terrifically moist and quite delicious. The poached eggs are perfectly runny and there's ample toast to soak up those luscious yolks.

demitri's feast© by Haalo

If you visit you once sample at least one of Jim's mothers home made biscuits - she makes a fabulous traditional greek shortbread which is perfect with a cleansing shot of Ouzo.

demitri's feast© by Haalo

Since I've written this Demitri's Feast has deservedly won Cheap Eats Best Breakfast award for 2010. Don't be surprised if the place is packed on the weekends.

The details:

Demitri's Feast
141 Swan Street

Phone: 9428 8659

Tuesday to Sunday: 7am to 5pm (Breakfast/Lunch)


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  1. It's on my list! I love the idea of a twist on the standard eggs and bacon breakfast offerings in many cafes. Will try shortbread!

    Jetsetting Joyce


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