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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Breakfast @ Seven Seeds

Visiting La Latteria gives us a good excuse to visit some of the neighbouring cafes especially since it doesn't open until 9am. This week we popped in to Seven Seeds which even at this early hour was surprisingly busy.

For breakfast we ordered

seven seeds© by Haalo

Bircher Museli and

seven seeds© by Haalo

French toast with poached pears and yoghurt.

They were both okay but nothing memorable. Our cafe lattes were disappointing, especially considering that coffee is what this place hangs its shingle on. Firstly, they were served too hot and second, the flavour just didn't linger - you'd get an initial burst which was pleasant but then it would immediately disappear.

For our second coffee we went for a clover and yes there is a lot of show involved in this beverage.

seven seeds© by Haalo

I think Paalo summed up the problem with this "this is a coffee for tea drinkers."

This tasted weak and watery, just like the latte, there was some initial flavour but in a lot milder form and once again, it vanished into nothing. I don't know how you can claim to be a coffee lover and find enjoyment in this.

But then I don't think clover and their ilk are made for coffee lovers but for those seeking some kind of status symbol in coffee - only in Australia could we put Cult into Coffee Culture.

The details:

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley St

Phone: 9347 8664

Monday to Saturday - 7am to 5pm
Sunday (and public holidays) - 8am to 4pm


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