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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breakfast @ Proud Mary

This is our second La Latteria induced cafe visit - this time we've headed to Proud Mary and our coffee experience couldn't be more different to Seven Seeds.

Proud Mary© by Haalo

A truly excellent latte - so much so that we had another two each after this one. Served at the right temperature, with lovely rich flavour that lingered - this was a pleasure to drink.

For breakfast

Proud Mary© by Haalo

Paalo thought that the semi-freddo had a taste like it had been made using cheap white chocolate though the hotcakes were enjoyable.

Proud Mary© by Haalo

I'm the first to admit that this doesn't look very photogenic but the bagna calda, that unfortunate coloured sauce on the side, is rather delicious. My only issue was with the potato hash - there was nothing crispy about it as it seemed to be made from stodgy mashed potatoes.

The Details:

Proud Mary
172 Oxford Street

Phone: 9417 5930

Monday to Sunday - Breakfast and Lunch

Proud Mary on Urbanspoon


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