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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lunch @ Maze

We're back for another tasting menu and while there's some new and different dishes on show, it always begins with this

maze© by Haalo
It is such a well-balanced and executed dish that gets those juices working and makes you eager for the rest of the meal.

maze© by Haalo

The fennel aspect of this dish is more pronouced now as are the crunch of the finger limes.

maze© by Haalo

A new dish - I could have easily had another bowl of this. The crunch of the roasted almond combined with the curried cauliflower was a inspired combination.

maze© by Haalo

Another new dish, memory fails me but I think it was mulloway served on celeriac puree and sauteed wild mushrooms.

maze© by Haalo

For a dish that has these wonderfully rich and developed flavours, it's surprising light to eat. The poussin is moist and tender and you'll find yourself gnawing on those bones. Cabbage and smoked bacon are classic accompaniments.

maze© by Haalo

The jus is still as incredible as ever - make sure you have bread left!

maze© by Haalo

This is a sharp, tangy dessert that cleanses your palate.

maze© by Haalo

Fondants generally aren't my favourite dessert as they tend to be overly rich, this was a pleasant surprise. Not too big and not too heavy and the salted almond ice cream is divine.

maze© by Haalo

The details:
Maze Melbourne

Level 1
Crown Metropol
8 Whiteman Street

Phone: 9292 8300



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