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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lunch @ Magic City

After a hiatus of a couple of years, this is our second visit to Magic City in a matter of weeks - the first is unblogged as we didn't take any photos but the food certainly made us want to return.

magic city© by Haalo

Magic City has had a bit of a chequered past but it seems to be all behind it - a new owner took over late in 2009 and recruited Ben Corp as chef.

On the weekends a fixed price lunch menu is on offer - there is I think 3 or 4 options for starters and mains - or you can order off the regular menu.  We've opted for the fixed price menu.


magic city© by Haalo

There's good sized pieces of moist and tender shark, generously sized and well spiced. It's the type of dish you want to keep going back for another bite.

magic city© by Haalo

This was a beef carpaccio, soft poached egg, Jerusalem artichoke crisps, assorted micro leaves. The beef had been quickly seared on the outside leaving the inside lovely and raw. I loved the soft yolk, the dish reminded me a bit of Gyu Tataki - the japanese dish of barely seared beef served with raw egg yolk.


magic city© by Haalo

A fish and tofu curry that had Paalo uttering the never before heard phrase "umm, this tofu is delcious"

magic city© by Haalo

I actually had this the last time we visited and it was so good I ended up having it again! It's one of those dishes that just make you happy eating it.

To finish - cheese selection

magic city© by Haalo

There's a bit of everything served with a generous selection of bread and crackers.

magic city© by Haalo

Here we have a place that is offering good food at good prices with pretty good service and seriously it should be getting a lot more recognition for what it is doing. It is depressing to look out of the windows towards Sofia Pizza House and see the hoards gorging themselves on slop - what's worse is finding bloggers actually pimping out that place.

The locals of this area need to start supporting quality not quantity or this area will forever be a food joke.

The details:

Magic City
873 Burke Road

Phone: 9882 7788

Book Online

Tuesday to Friday: 10am till late
Saturday to Sunday: 9am till late


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  1. thank you for coming, glad you guys had a good time and I hope to see you again soon. Ben


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