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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cocktail Night @ Cafe Vue

While this isn't the first time we've been to the Cocktail Nights at Café Vue, this is the first time I've actually managed to get decent semi-decent passable photos!

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

The theme for this month is "Friday Night Fever" - each drink coincides to a different musical genre and the theme even extended to the music being played.

The evening began to the sounds of Motown

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Drink: Motown - Rye whisky, cognac, vermouth and dom benedictine
Food: Crab and oat mille feuille with seaweed gel

For a drink that is basically spirits, it wasn't overpowering at all. The flavours really worked well together, a bit of sweetness coming from the vermouth and benedictine.

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Drink: Bossa Nova - cachaca, lime, sugarcane juice and sparkling coconut water

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Food: Coconut and chicken blanquette with corn cake
The chicken was poached in coconut milk - very tender and moist. The corn cake was fabulous, chock full of sweet corn with a perfectly crisp outer casing.

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Drink: Hard Rock - bourbon, blood orange juice, vermouth and cherry brandy

Probably our favourite drink of the evening - and one we ended up having seconds of. I'm not usually a fan of cherry brandy but in this drink it just works.

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Food - BBQ Wagyu ribs with potato salad and coleslaw

These were one of the most amazing rib dishes we've ever eaten - giant beef ribs they look like something Fred Flintstone would order, the meat so tender it just fell off the bone and it was coated in a finger lickingly delicious sweet bourbon and molasses bbq sauce

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Drink: Hip Hop - gin, rosemary, honey, lemon and apple juice

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Food - Goat cheesecake with walnut and endive

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Drink - Electro - vodka and passionfruit

Complete with glow sticks. It was funny seeing some of the diners inside Vue de Monde almost pouting because they didn't have glow sticks.

Cafe Vue© by Haalo

For educational purposes only, this photo shows you how the world looks when you've had too much to drink.

Cafe Vue© by Haalo Cafe Vue© by Haalo

Food - Milk chocolate and passion fruit cake

The dessert consisted of a giant milk chocolate macaron sitting atop a light sponge. Inserted in the base was a tube of passionfruit creme.

This would probably be our favourite cocktail night - the drinks were beautifully matched to the food and as stand alone drinks, I'd happily have seconds of everything. The food was terrific but those beef ribs were out of this world fantastic. Incorporating the music also gave it such a fun atmosphere.

The details:

Café Vue
Normanby Chambers
430 Little Colling Street (Between Queen and William Streets)

03 9691 3899

Monday to Friday: 7am to 4pm
Friday Evenings from 6.30pm for Cocktail Nights

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  1. Glow sticks in drinks! That's REALLY cool. (I'm a kid, really)

    I've heard so much about Cafe Vue... should really get myself over there sometime soon!

  2. The glow sticks were so much fun. The cocktail nights are really good and pretty exceptional value too.
    Can certainly recommend both Cafe Vues at 401 and Heide for lunch and dinner.


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