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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dinner @ St Judes Cellars

There's a funny story behind our gathering at St Jude's but I don't think it would really translate to the written word. It may just be one of those things you had to be there to really appreciate it. Needless to say it has been a source of much amusement since the event.

Our fellow eators, Elle and Al have been most eager for us to join them at St Jude's - they have been suitably impressed on their previous visits and the benefit of having 4 means that dishes they have only lusted over can be ordered quite happily.

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo


We begin with a selection of small plates

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

Croquettes - usually 3 to a serve, they happily offer to make it 4. Quite lovely with a crisp outer shell.

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

Lamb shoulder kromeskies with sauce gribiche - also usually 3 per serve, upped to 4. Full flavoured lamb, beautifully tender, the gribiche a perfect accompaniment to the rich lamb.

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

Charcuterie Selection - wagyu braesola, terrine, pickles, pigs ears spring rolls, parfait, prosciutto

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

The charcuterie is one of those dishes that is better appreciated in a group of 4 - love those pigs ears, a combination of crisp and gelatinous. The Braesola is particularly good, as is the prosciutto, soft and succulent, it's the taste of being freshly sliced.

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

Crispy fried whitebait - Elle's normally not a great fan of whitebait but in this occasion she loved them.


St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

All hail the beef - so lovely it deserves a close up.

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

Cooked medium rare, it's well flavoured and quite tender. Loved those crispy edge pieces, Paalo especially enjoyed gnawing on the bone. It is served with salad and roasted potatoes but we also added a serving of these:

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

Zucchini fritters with pesto.


St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

chocolate fondant

St Jude's Cellars© by Haalo

sheeps milk pannacotta

We can certainly understand why they enjoy eating here - the food is honest, it's excellent quality, lots of variety with a frequently changing menu and exceptional value. It's also fun to wander through the racks picking out something interesting to have with diner.

The Details:

St Jude's Cellars
389-391 Brunswick Street

9419 7411

Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 12pm

Lunch and Dinner:
Tuesday to Sunday - 12pm to 10.30pm

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous14:29

    Al & I(Elle) just came back from there tonight (23rd October), and they have changed chef, the food is C.R.A.P. crap crap crap. We will never go back it was crappy !! So crappy we mentioned it to the waitress (that we had last time) and she asked us to talk to the manager (which we did, seems we were not the first regular diners with this reaction) who doesn't give a crap !!!

    Did I mentioned it was crappy ?

    Food was bland, tepid, badly presented, unappetising, very amateurish, and stingy.

    The dishes shown above are only now a distant memory !

    $150 poorer and still hungry


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