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Monday, February 21, 2011

SED Dinner - February

SED is the creation of Chef Ryan Flaherty - a series of monthly moving dinners which sees Ryan partner with another Chef to produce a collaborative feast. This month, Mathew Macartney from Chateau Yering is the collaborating chef.

sed© by Haalo
Crab Remoulade, holy goat piccolo croquette; Sweetbread nuggets, sardine fossils

As we wait for our dining companions we are treating to the first offerings, served with a glass of 2005 Yarrabank sparkling. Ryan has made the sweetbread nuggets (shown in the bowl) and the sardine fossils (in the martini glass) while Mathew offers the Crab Remoulade topped with salmon caviar (served on the stick) and the holy goat croquettes.

The rest of the meal will see the chefs serving alternate dishes starting with Ryan

sed© by Haalo
Fried Rice
Fried Rice but not as we know it - there's a mix of puffed white and white rice.

sed© by Haalo
Smoked Salmon, Oyster, Cucumber, Passionfruit
Next is a dish from Mat - This comes to the table hidden under a smoke filled hood - miso coated salmon sits atop a fine disc of passionfruit jelly.

sed© by Haalo
Ashed Goat Cheese and Beetroot

Calamari Risotto, Sugar Snap pea emulsion
There's no rice in this risotto - it may look like it but those rice shaped morsels are calamari. A clever and decidedly delicious dish.

sed© by Haalo
Panzanella Trifle
Served in layers - basil jelly at the bottom, a mix of tomato and bread in the middle and parmesan mousse on top.

sed© by Haalo
Foie Gras, figs, grapes, yoghurt
The cylinder of foie gras mousse is braced on one side by a gingersnap wafer and on the other by crisp prosciutto and coffee soil.

sed© by Haalo
French Onion Soup
Cheese crusted croutons float amongst a richly flavoured onion soup.

sed© by Haalo
Sher Wagyu Wellington, sauteed snails, perigord jus
The wagyu is surrounded by a mushroom farce bound in wonderfully crisp puff pastry. Still quite rare it is extremely tender.

sed© by Haalo
Granny Smith Apple
A pre-dessert from Chateau Yering's pastry chef - a cleansing combination of cucumber and apple.

sed© by Haalo
Tarte Fin of Caramel Poached Pear, Walnut crumble, Roquefort ice cream
Roqueford and Pear prove a perfect match in both sweet and savoury dishes.

sed© by Haalo
Carrot and Licorice
Carrot sorbet and licorice sponge - an unusual combination that works.

Favourite dishes of the night - risotto, foie gras and wagyu but we'd happily try everything again!

To find out more about SED and future events - head to their website


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