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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Breakfast @ Axil Coffee Roasters

Our work is dragging on and it's another early start so today we've decided to revisit Axil for some breakfast.

Our previous visit was a bit hit and miss - two good coffees, two not so good and food that was slow to arrive but well cooked. We've seated ourselves on the other banquette and while it isn't as bad as the opposite side, it still isn't right (Ed - since this visit, they apparently they have done something to fix this).

This time, both coffees were not good at all - the first lot had cold foam but too hot coffee. The second lot was a little cooler but the coffee was bitter but weak and the milk so badly textured it was falling apart. This left us a bit confused considering the pedigree of those involved - not a good sign that the standards are so variable.

Onto the food, last time the food was slow to come out but was excellent. This time it came out quickly but was thoroughly disappointing.
Gluten-free corn and haloumi fritters with avocado, spinach, salsa, poached egg

It does look a treat, I will admit that but when you take your first bite of the egg and discover that it is stone cold, that's isn't so good. The culprit, that large chunk of fridge cold avocado - sucking the heat out of both the egg and spinach. Compounding this, stone cold salsa and a stone cold plate. I must admit if there is something I just can't stand, is tepid food and inconsistently heated food. The fritters themselves, the underside cold from the plate, the top a bit warm, had a most unpleasant texture and taste.
Buttermilk pancakes with chocolate, pear, praline and zabalione ice-cream
Paalo had really enjoyed this dish on the last visit and from the first bite, this was an inferior imitation. If we didn't know better, they tasted like they were made yesterday and reheated - flat and lifeless.

This visit has left quite a bad taste in our months and it's not just from the food. There are other places in this area that do good coffee and good food consistently but mysteriously never seem to get the proper attention.

  The details:

  Axil Coffee Roasters
  322 Burwood Road

  Phone: 9819 0093

  Daily - 7am to 4pm



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