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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Dinner @ Vue de Monde

Tonight is officially the last service to be held at the Normandy Chambers location before Vue de Monde reopens tomorrow at their new home on Level 55 of the Rialto. We've been looking forward to this dinner, wondering what would be in store for us - to be honest we had hoped that it would a retrospective and to our great surprise, that is exactly what it was!

Each table had this set menu and as you can see, they have all been signed.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Amuse Bouche - 2006
Cauliflower, duck egg and caviar
Drink: 2002 Dom Pérignon
We remember having the original version of this dish which used asparagus rather than cauliflower as the amuse at the Y'Quem dinner back in Carlton. Under that soft yolk sits a smooth cauliflower mousse - crisp, salty fingers of fried bread are made for dunking.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Risotto aux Truffles - 2000
Classically inspired truffle risotto using Manjimup Truffle
Drink: NV Toro Albala Oloroso

Alas it isn't white truffle season but the next best thing is this. You really couldn't have a meal here without the truffle risotto.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Foie Gras Grillé à la pomme et au Sauternes - 2001
Grilled Alsace foie gras served with caramelised apple, walnut, grapes, eight spice & sauternes reduction
Drink: 2004 Weinbach Altenbourg Cuvée Laurence Gewurtztraminer
Another dish that dates from the Carlton days - we last enjoyed a variation of this in 2009.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Truite et Betternave Miniatrue - 2007
Ocean trout with horseradish and baby beetroot
Drink: 2005 Benanti Pietramarina Etna Bianco Superiore DOC
This comes to your table under a smoke filled dome. The trout has been marinated with beetroot and though it looks raw, it is fully cooked. I know there's lots of naysayers about foam but I think the problem lies in that foam must taste of something and more often than not, it tastes of nothing. In this case it certainly had that lovely horseradish kick which added flavour with the heaviness of a sauce.
A lovely dish and for those that are interested - here's the recipe.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Consommé Froid à la Tomate - 2000
Delicate tomato consommé with gazpacho jelly

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Agneau Rôti et Ris D'agneau - 2007
Poached Loin, rillette of lamb with caramelised sweetbreads
Drink: 2005 Dalwhinnie Eagle Shiraz

I know it says 2007 but thanks to the power of blogging, we have proof that we first enjoyed it in 2006!

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Is Shannon thinking - why are those dishes still on the pass?

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Entremet Sucré - 2005

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Soufflé au Calvados - 2006
Demoulded Calvados Soufflé
Drink: 2005 Klein Constantia "Vin de Constance" Constantia
Perfectly light and delicate.
Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Biscuit au Chocolat - 2001
Michel Bras' classic self-saucing chocolate biscuit
Drink: 2004 Bodegas Castano Monastrell Dulce
A classic dessert done correctly with a core of frozen ganache that melts when cooked.

Vue de Monde© by Haalog

It's a dinner that lived up to our expectations and makes us excited about what is yet to come. It was great to have dishes that brought back good memories and I think a real skill isn't just in presenting a plate of food but creating food memories. Vue de Monde is a place that does divide people but you have to admire the determination of Shannon Bennett to do things his way.

  The details:

  Vue de Monde
  New Address: Level 55, Rialto
  525 Collins Street, Melbourne

  Phone: +61 3 9691 3888

  Tuesday to Friday - reservations 12pm to 2pm
  Sunday - reservations from 12pm to 2pm
  Monday to Saturday reservations 6pm to 9.15pm

  Valet Parking at Intercontinetal The Rialto
  for $35 (pre-booked)
  Casual Parking underground Rialto
  Car Park closes 12.30am

  Website: Vue de Monde


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