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Friday, December 21, 2007

Dinner @ Vue de Monde

For our last dinner of the year we've snagged a booking at Vue de Monde - what an excellent way to close the year off.

Amuse Bouche:
Prosciutto consommé and melon ball served with a fish cracker and marinated pilchard

The consommé was surprisingly served warm and it really had quite a definite taste of prosciutto. The Melon ball is one of those spherised liquids, a ultra thin membrane encloses the liquid melon. A most interesting variation on melon and prosciutto.

Crabe Farçi:
Soft shell blue swimmer crab stuffed with sautéed blue swimmer crab, accompanied by a Mojo Sauce, Sterling Caviar and horseradish
To Drink: 2004 Vacheron Sancerre Les Romains, Loire Valley France

There's only something like an 8 day window to get these tiny soft shell blue swimmer crabs. It's as excellent as our last visit.

Gnocchi aux Truffes:
Liquid cep gnocchi with shimeji mushrooms, broad beans and tarragon emulsion, shaved Tibetan truffle
To drink: 2002 Tarrawarra Estate Chardonnay, Yarra Valley Victoria

Probably the highlight of the night, an explosion of mushroom goodness. The tibetan truffle was quite interesting, not as flavoursome or aromatic as those from France or Italy, texturally they seemed much softer too.

Bouillabaisse en cinq minutes et tartare d'ecrevisse:

5 minute bouillabaisse with tartare of crayfish, buffalo milk skin, finished with aromatic herbs and a touch of theatre
To Drink: 2005 Pieropan Sove Classico DOC Calvarino Veneto, Italy

Foie Gras Poelé:
Foir gras, pan seared, served with roast peach and Sauternes emulsion
To Drink: 2002 Marcel Deiss Burg Riesling, Gewurtztraminer and Pinot Gris, Alsace France

A simple presentation of foie gras - excellently cooked.


Truite Fumée:
Ocean Trout with horseradish and baby beets, served with celeriac and smoked at the table
To Drink: 2005 Bianchet Verduzzo, Yarra Valley Victoria

In the kitchen a smoulding chunk of vegetable charcoal is placed on the fish before being covered by a glass dome. The smoke fills the dome and it's then brought to the table - in this time the fish has absorbed a delicate smoky flavour. The vegetable charcoal is edible.

Boudin D'Écrevisse Grillé:
Grilled Boudin of crayfish, glazed with beurre Café du Paris, sauce Américaine and blood orange
To drink: 2005 Wittman Silvaner Trocken 'S', Rheinhessen Germany

coloured Reidel

Consommé Froid à la Tomate:
Delicate tomato consummé with gazpacho jelly and dry ice

Tataki de Boeuf Wagyu:
Tataki of Wagyu beef with soya yuzu noodle and sweet corn purée
To Drink: 2003 Rivera Castel Del Monte DOC Riserva Il Falcone, Puglia Italy

The noodle basically dissolves in the heat of your mouth providing the "sauce" for the beef.

Roti De Porc:
Roast White Rocks Pork Belly with Pork Rillette pancake and panada stuffed baby apple
To Drink: 1989 Chateau Meyney Cru Bourgeois Exceptional St Estephe, Bordeaux France

It's pork and apples but with a twist.

Goats curd served with sugared rose petal, rose jelly topped with goats curd ice cream

I'm not a great fan of rose flavours but this really won me over - the sugared rose petal is just so crisp it's crunchy.

Melon lollypop

0-211220071006.jpg 0-211220071007.jpg

Gateau de Riz à la Framboise:
Raspberry served with raspberry flavoured rice pudding encased in sugar

The rice pudding is held in that sugar tube.

Cigare au Chocolat:
Valrhona Chocolate roll filled with smoked chocolate and rolled in puff pastry cigar

all quiet - end of service


the rooms are all ready for tomorrow


The details:
Vue de Monde
Normanby Chambers
430 Little Collins Street
Phone: 03 9691 3888

Lunch: Tuesday - Friday Bookings:12.00pm-2.00pm
Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday Bookings:6.30pm-9.30pm



  1. Anonymous10:48

    Haalo you normally take great photos so I can only think the food really does look disgusting.

    Several of the dishes look as if someone has regurgitated on them.

    Not for me thanks.

  2. Now you've done it, Paalo is just so upset as he took the photos that night.
    As for the rest of it, when you grow some and cease posting anonymously perhaps your comments might be worth something until then you should take heed of this quote "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

  3. Anonymous08:15

    I can't see that posting anonymously makes an opinion any less valid.If I posted as George352 would you think I knew what I was talking about?

  4. Anonymous10:26

    I think anon is right.

  5. Anonymous10:28

    Just like my show Damages, nothing is what it seems.

  6. Anonymous10:29

    I think I have made my point.

  7. Dear (20X.X.20X.19X)

    I'm only a little upset about my photography, Haalo does indeed take better shots than me, it was a lighting factor that required me to take the shots as we both refuse to use flash in a restaurant in consideration for our fellow diners.

    Anonymous comments, if they can't be verified are indeed invalid. For all anyone is to know you could be a jealous failed chef or even a vegetarian, venting their spleen and so consequently the comment is ignored.

    I'm sure the real Tony Bilson would agree with us rather than you, as for Glenn Close, as she is an actress performing others opinions, (I stress a very fine actress) well who really cares what she thinks?

    I'm also sure that they would both be upset with you misrepresenting them attempting to prove your point, which you haven't, the comments are still anonymous, just have a false name.

    If you had in fact put your verifiable identity, (ie contact, a pseudonym is fine) in your post and thereby stand up to your convictions and therefore make the comment valid all would be well. Shannon, if he could be bothered talking to you, may well have asked for clarification. I know other Chefs who view this blog certainly have done so.

    Some food for thought.

  8. Anonymous19:00

    Photos never do justice to the the dish itself. I learn't that at Vue de monde and Tetsuya's. Is the place still fantastic? Was it still a 3 hat restaurant?

  9. Hi Anon - Photos don't have any of the nuances of the dish. I can't give you an opinion on Tetsuya's but Vue de Monde is still in our eyes, worthy of 3 hats.


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