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Saturday, December 01, 2007

QF427 - Sydney to Melbourne

With the plane arriving late and a bit of wait at customs it certainly justified Paalo's decision to catch a later flight to Melbourne.


In the Qantas lounge we were able to refresh ourselves and cool down with glasses of icy lemon squash.


Once again we wiled away the time watching the planes being loaded.

I had thought the Qantas plane out from Melbourne was a bit dodgy, this one was even worse. I think they dragged this one out of the eighties!

During the flight we were served a snack


we proved to be surprisingly good considering the absimal breakfast on JAL.


We were served an asparagus tart with assorted roasted vegetables


a tiny fruit salad


and an apricot danish.

It was a battle to finish the dish before they were taken away. It's the problem with the flight between Melbourne and Sydney, it seems as soon as they give you your plate, the plane starts its descent and they rush around trying to put everything away before they land.

As seems the norm, we arrived late into Melbourne. Luckily we booked a driver and he was patiently waiting for us. Unfortunately the baggage handlers were having a go slow so it took a good 15 minutes or more before our luggage finally arrived.

With that we were off and finally heading home.


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