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Friday, November 30, 2007

JL771 - Tokyo Narita to Sydney

The one thing we did do when we checked in was to request a seat downstairs and one not in the first row. The reasoning behind this request was to try to ensure as much airflow as possible and enough legroom for Paalo, thus giving us a more cooler and comfortable trip.


Upon finding our seat our logic seemed to be paying off - it's considerably cooler and I certainly don't feel like I'm in a sauna and for Paalo, he is able to stretch out his legs.

We are feed a late dinner and you are given a choice of Western or Japanese Style. As always we choose one of each.

The Western Menu:


Bottom Left Hand Side: Terrine of Foie Gras and Fig Escoffier
Top Right Hand Side: Cold Chestnut Cream Soup

Main Dish: Fillet of Beef Steak with Parsley Mustard Butter, Red Wine Sauce

Fresh Salad

The Japanese Menu:


Zensai: Grilled Shrimp with Sea Urchin Paste, Marinated Trout Oshi Sushi, Salmon Roe in Citrus Cup, Fried Ginkgo Nut and Shimeji Mushroom, Egg Cake, Sweet Chestnut and Mariated Vegetables

Mukouzuke: Poached Top Shell with Miso Vinegar Sauce

Kobachi: Braised Garland Chrysanthemum & Enoki Mushroom in Light Soy

Dainomono: Baked Salmon with Egg Yolk Mousse

Steamed Rice, Japanese Pickles, Miso Soup.


Champagne Mousse

Paris Brest

Try as I might I wasn't really sleepy and after watching Ratatouille and No Reservations I tried watching Hairspray in the hope that it would put me to sleep. Unfortunately it didn't so it was time to bring out the Sigur Ros. Although my sleep wasn't really deep I did get some shut eye.


I gave up trying to sleep around about here


It's too light outside and we're almost near the end of our journey.

Breakfast was served less than 2 hours from Sydney and it is possible the worst example of airline food we're ever had


This bun was kinda warm and contained a slice of salami and tomato sauce and it was served with an evil ball of pasta salad.

The only edible component was the fruit salad


As it happens when trying to land in Sydney our flight was put in an holding pattern and we eventually got off the plane close to 45 minutes late.


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