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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tokyo - Day 1

Immigration has a new procedure now. I did read about this so it doesn't come as a surprise. It was a painless procedure but our digital fingerprints and photo are taken at the counter. In fact even if you are a permanent resident of Japan you'll have to undergo this process.

Getting our luggage saw a bit of drama. Paalo's bag was just about one of the first bags off, my bag proved to be the problem. When it eventually emerged as the last bag off, it was banged up and missing its lock. For me, it's not so much that something may have been stolen but something may have been put in.

We go off and report it and we're given the "well, stuff happens"

When we venture through Customs it's my bag that the officer wants to look at. We explain that it has come off the plane without its lock. He opens it and does a really specific search as if he was looking for something in particular. If I didn't feel comfortable before I certainly didn't now.

We're eventually sent on our way and head to the bus counter to get our ticket to the hotel. The next one isn't for an hour so we settle outside to wait.

When it arrives it's fairly full but we're lucky enough to find a seat together, from here it's about an hour and a half to get to our hotel, but that time we're the only ones left on the bus!

We're staying in Ginza, at the Marriott Courtyard - the same place Paalo stayed during his stop over. So for lunch, we head off to a place Paalo ate while he was here. It's a bento place and we order by looking at the pretty photos

paalo bento

This is Paalo's bento



we both have this miso as part of our respective bento boxes


These are the plates of my bento





After this we're given dessert, a concoction of red beans



After a most satisfying lunch, tiredness is starting to take hold and it's getting harder to keep the eyes open. Time to head back to the hotel for a snooze.

By the time we wake it's time to grab something for dinner. Paalo has a couple of places in mind - on the way we stop by the Nikon store to ogle the cameras


Now that's a lens!

I must say the plastic food is amazing



The streets have certainly got the christmas spirit - on this road they have planted live christmas trees


It just looks so pretty


Our first choice, a sushi bar is full so we go to Paalo's backup


It's a tiny place that basically does noodle dishes


I order the wonton soup, which certainly perks me up, with every spoonful I feel myself waking up.


Paalo orders the gyoza.

As we walk back to the hotel, the sushi place has cleared so we drop in for a little sushi


It's a sushi train restaurant and this is a view down the track


There's no english menu but you are given a card with the photos of the various sushi and you basically point to the ones you want and they are made straight away.

Seared Salmon

Fatty Tuna and Scottish Onion



Local fish



In between each seat there is this hot water tap for making green tea. Just place a little green tea powder into your cup and press it against the valve and hot water comes out.

Feeling very satisfied it's back to the hotel for a good nights sleep - it won't be able to sleep in as we have plans for early in the morning. We're off to the Tokyo Fish Market!


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