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Monday, November 26, 2007

Rome - Day 5

It's our last full day in Rome and we really don't do that much. Maybe we are holidayed out, maybe it's the realisation that this time next week we'll be back into our normal life. It's a bit depressing.

But you can't dwell you just have to keep going and today we're visiting the courier service to get my film delivered home. I just can't risk taking it as carry-on, the cumulative effects of scanning, in Rome, in Tokyo and in Australia might just be pushing it.

Luckily there's an office about 5 minutes away and it's surprisingly straight forward. They know it is undeveloped film and have selected the courier service that shouldn't see it scanned, if they have to inspect it they should do it by hand with a visual inspection. It's not cheap but it really is the only option. With that done we can get back to the apartment and sort out our luggage.

As we'll be doing a bit of shopping in Tokyo, we really need to leave as much room as possible in our bags. If we go a bit overboard in Tokyo, well, we could always get another bag there.

For lunch we return to Divin Ostilia


the cute little wine just a block away from our apartment.


I have the antipasto platter, with sun-dried tomatoes, beautiful buffalo mozarella and various meats as you can see.


Paalo has the smoked swordfish salad with cherry tomatoes, rocket and grilled eggplant.

For dinner it's another visit to Osteria Il Bocconcino (it must be good, it's our third visit!)

For starters


Paalo has one of the specials - meatballs with cinnamon, chunky but juicy with a lovely taste of cinnamon through them


and I have the Eggplant Polpettini again, I just couldn't resist them.

For mains


Paalo has the roast lamb with rosemary and roasted potatoes, lovely thick slices of juicy flavoursome lamb


I have the Pasta with Duck Ragù - it's just as good as the Rabbit Ragù.


and we order a side or Romanesco, it has been sautéed in the pan after cooking.

For dessert, I think it might be obvious what we have


Paalo has his third Zabaglione


and I have my second Crema Pasticcera.


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