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Monday, November 12, 2007

Florence - Day 36

It didn't take long to register but there was something different when we left the apartment this morning and it certainly had us a bit confused.


It started on our road when Paalo noticed that none of the leather market carts were out and for that matter the stores weren't open either. As we walked to the central market we realised that it wasn't our street but all the streets.


None of the carts were out and the streets were pleasantly empty. On any other day these streets would be lined on both sides with wall to wall carts.


How refreshing to be able to walk down the road undisturbed by hawkers telling you they have a coat that would be just perfect.

At the market we gathered our goodies for our picnic. As there is a Melbourne food bloggers get together happening today we thought we must just have a picnic lunch to celebrate the event.

Consulting our map we decided to visit the Botanic Gardens and on the way we once again strolled past the Chiesa di San Lorenzo, enjoying the cart free streets.

This is what it normally looks like


and this was today


When we arrived at the Botantic Gardens we found that it was shut so consulting the map again, we thought the nearby Giardino delle Gherardesca looked like a good alternative.

Well, looks were deceived as it too was shut.

At this stage things were starting to get a bit annoying so we stopped for a coffee and a dolce to regroup. It's amazing the curative powers of those two items.

One more check of the map and we spotted the Piazza Massimo D'Azeglio - in fact this was the park I passed by while getting lost looking for Santa Croce.

It was with a lot of relief that we arrived and found the park open and quite pleasant.


So we settled down on a bench


spread out our little feast



0-12112007623.jpg 0-12112007624.jpg

and enjoyed the lovely day.


I must say that these Sfogliatine with crema, especially when they are still warm are absolutely addictive.

After our lunch we toddled off to visit the S.Ambroglio Market before eventually winding our way back to our humble abode.


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