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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Florence - Day 38

Looking at the weather forecast last night, today was supposed to be rainy and 6°C so we set about making a list of what we needed or wanted to do for these last 3 days in Florence, taking into consideration what a wet Wednesday would mean.

As it happens it was raining in the morning but not to the extent that had been predicted and when the rain cleared a little later we were able to go out.

We had planned to have lunch at Terra Terra and then see if I could get my 120 film processed and visit the post office to get another box to send back to Oz.

Well, as it happens Terra Terra was closed - it does appear that Wednesday is the day it doesn't open at all so we had to find some place else and we elected to go to the rather attractive and charming Ristorante Paoli.


This restaurant opened in 1824 and as we learn later is part of the historic restaurants of Florence. There are three dining rooms resplendent with frescoes and ceramic tiles from the various cities of Tuscany. The waiters are dressed in white jackets and bow ties and are true professionals.


For our starters:


I have one of the specials of the day - Prosciutto of Cinghiale with Crostini di Fegato (Warm liver pate)



Paalo's dish requires these unusual utensils


He has Sei Lumache (Six snails) that have been cooked in a herb butter


Here he is about to release the snail from its shell.

For our mains:


Paalo has another special of the day - Gnocchi with Gorgonzola and Rocket. This came piping hot straight from the oven. Delicious!


My choice is another special of the day - Chicken with a piquant green sauce that came with chips. Yes the chips look out of place but they were well cooked. The chicken was absolutely wonderful, perfectly crisp skin, the chicken still moist but cooked correctly and the tangy salsa a perfect counter to the sweet flesh.

0-14112007646.jpg 0-14112007647.jpg

To drink: we enjoyed this bottle of 2005 Coltibuono Chianti Classico

While we were eating we watched as the waiters made the salad to order at other tables and wished we had order salad too! It was just so lovely to see the professionalism in their work, being a waiter isn't just something you do until you find a better job, it is a vocation.

We did order dessert and this involved having the dessert trolley wheeled over to us - everything looked so good but we eventually made our decision


Paalo chose the Poached Abate Pear with Caramel sauce


and I had the Torta della Nonna, filled with a light lemon crema - a classic Tuscan dessert.

Such a lovely experience, in a way I'm glad Terra Terra was closed or we would never have come here.

After lunch we went to the Post Office and collected our box and as I found out this morning, much to my surprise my other box has already arrived in Australia. Unfortunately my poor sister had to collect it at the post office and had to lug the heavy box all the way to her car. Hopefully the next box will arrive at a more convenient time.

Returning to the place I bought the 120 film I asked whether they did processing - although they didn't they directed me to a shop just round the corner. Good news was they could do it but only the colour. Oh well, that's a start at least and I put one roll in to be picked up at 5pm today.

That gave us enough time to get ready for our next chore - the washing! Paalo was left to watch the clothes spin as I returned to get my film. Processing cost €2 - what a bargain!


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