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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Train: Venice - Rome

We're on the Eurostar to Rome and we have availed ourselves to the on-board restaurant. It isn't quite as luxurious as the journey to Venice - gone are the china plates, we have paper plates this time.


Our first course is pasta - Paalo chooses this dish of Sedanini Pomodoro e Balsilico and I have Sedanini all Sorentina, which looked very similar but had melted balls of mozzarella through it.


We both have the same main - Fettine di Manzo alla Rustica with Piselli al Prosciutto (thin slices of beef filled with a garlic and parsley sauce served with peas and ham)

We wash down our lunch with 2 bottles of the 2004 Masi Campofiorin

The same dessert options are offered - chocolate cake and apple cake which are followed by fruit salad.


  1. I've left you something at The Reluctant Writer. Please collect it and don't forget to spread the goodwill!!!

  2. Thank you Abhinav!

  3. Go ahead. Put the lion in your sidebar and list out your 3 writing requirements and upto 5 favorite blogs. Welcome to the circle.


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