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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

CDC - Arezzo - Florence

We may have all arrived by bus but for the sake of our collective bodies we' ve hired a driver to take us to Arezzo station. We didn't really fancy trudging through town to the bus stop with our truffle expanded luggage and then face close to an hour and a half on a cramped bus.

Our driver Bruno arrived right on time at 10 and got us into Arezzo in less than 40 minutes well in time to catch our desired connection back into Florence. The 11.10 is a regional but it's non-stop to Firenze SMN and only takes about 40 minutes - the other ones take at least twice that.

We arrive back into Florence and navigate Curtis and Leigh through the cobbled streets, which I must say are considerably less crowded then when we left not even 2 weeks ago.

After depositing them at their hotel we head to our apartment to settle in.


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