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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tokyo - Day 3

We're off early this morning to head back to the Outer Markets to stock up on some Japanese plates. Most of our packing has been done and we know how much space we have in our existing bags to absorb our shopping.

I won't go into detail about our haul but I did get a nice assortment of serving dishes, along with interesting bamboo skewers and various decorated paper place mats.

On the way back we spied this most interesting car!


On the way back we stopped for coffee and something sweet at one of the coffee shops


0-29112007872.jpg 0-29112007873.jpg

There wasn't a great rush at the hotel as we don't need to check out until 12pm and we can leave our bags in storage there until our bus leaves around 3pm

For lunch we headed to one of the large department stores nearby and although
Teppanyaki had been on our mind, we decided to try a tempura place. With no English menu, we ordered by pointing at the plastic display food in the window.

0-30112007891.jpg 0-30112007892.jpg

I can't say that what we ordered came out looking exactly like this.



part of Paalo's plate - the tempura batter incorporated the dipping sauce



this was part of my plate - on the left is a tempura oyster still in its shell, the oyster has been chopped up and mushrooms added to the mix. There is also lotus root and baby squid.



As time seemed to be moving really slowly (and our plane doesn't leave until 9pm) we decided to treat ourselves to an afternoon tea at the hotel.


0-30112007898.jpg 0-30112007904.jpg
savoury roll filled with lettuce, bacon, tomato and wasabi mayo

0-30112007897.jpg 0-30112007905.jpg
scones with jam and cream


green tea macaroons, redbean tart and scones


caramel and pear tarts, cheesecakes and chestnut cake

By the time the bus arrived at the hotel it was fairly full, luckily we did manage to find two seats next to each other.


It does look really dark but it's only just after 4.30pm - it does get really dark early.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of check-in as nothing unusual happened. We waiting out our flight in the JAL lounge which is most impressive. They have dedicated rooms where you can use massage chairs as well as an upstairs restaurant.

The smell of curry drifted down and we resisted as long as possible but the lure proved too strong.


Served with a good sticky rice it definitely proved most satisfying.

It was then time to head back downstairs with a couple of drinks and just relax


and watch our planes being prepared.



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