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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dinner @ Eleonore's Restaurant

The meal begins with an amuse:

Truffled honey parsnip soup

So simple but yet so utterly delightful. The truffle brings back instant memories of the truffle lunch enjoyed here just last month (the truffle butter on the table helps too!)


My dish: Warm Salad of Smoked Blue-Fin Tuna Belly, Jamón Ibérico, Japanese Egg Custard, Ruby Grapefruit vinaigrette

We enjoyed a version of this at the truffle lunch, three ultra thin slices of smoked blue fin tuna belly lay across the plate onto which a rectangle of egg custard is placed. Jamon is draped over the simple leaf salad. The egg custard is at the perfect junction of solid and liquid and works to extend and surround the various tastes and textures of the dish.

Paalo choice: Tataki of Wagyu, Wasabi Panna Cotta, crisp sushi rice, black bean vinaigrette, beer air


Well worth a second photo to focus on those beautiful slices of wagyu. A masterful combination.

For Mains:

My dish: Boned & Roasted Pigeon, Foie gras farce, truffle linguini, beetroot fondant, sauce perigold

I couldn't go past the sauce perigold and when it came with pigeon and truffle linguini, my decision was set. The pigeon was served pink, tender and moist and each boned half was filled with a truffle and foie gras farce. A tight roll of truffle linguini sat between the two halves. 

Paalo's dish: Slow-cooked Olive crusted loin of lamb, lambs fry and onion pie, carrot purée, rosemary jus


Paalo was immediately drawn to the notion of  "lambs fry pie". Beautifully pink lamb loin, velvety purées of roasted onion and carrot, drizzled with a sticky rosemary jus.

For sides:


Gratin Dauphinois Potatoes with an extra treat, they are truffled.

Pre-dessert: Coconut semifreddo and mango sorbet

For desserts:

Warm Apple Soufflé, Calvados bruleé, apple and vanilla compote, honey and cinnamon ice-cream

I was seeking something light so went for the soufflé. The calvados brulée takes the form of a long tube with cylinders of dried apple placed across it. The apple compote is pleasantly tart a welcome contrast to the honey and cinnamon icecream.

Pear and Mascarpone Tart, Poire William Anglaise, Quince filo parcel, rhubarb foam, ginger ice-cream

At the top of the plate is a generous slice of the pear and mascarpone tart, in front of it is the rhubarb foam. To the left is a small quince filled filo parcel and to the right, topped with a delicate toffee swirl is the ginger ice-cream.

To finish, petit fours with coffee.

The details:

Eleonore's Restaurant at Chateau Yering
42 Melba Highway, Yering
Phone: +61 3 9237 3333

Dinner - Every Evening from 6.30pm
Lunch - Saturday and Sunday from 12pm - 3pm



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