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Friday, March 19, 2010

Dinner @ Nuevo 37

Ramon Freixa, renowned Spanish culinary star and Nuevo37 executive chef, will showcase a bold, authentic New Catalan offering of unique and diverse tastes, textures and temperatures.

The evening will feature a seven-course degustation presented and discussed by Ramon, with each course complemented by exceptional and rare wines opened by hotel sommelier Josh Fraser.

We have enjoyed our meals at Nuevo 37 so when we saw that Ramon Freixa was hosting a dinner as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival there was no question that we'd have to attend and keeping us company are PJ and Sam.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

We begin with glasses of NV Segura Viudas Cava as we enter the room and when seated a serving of snacks arrive

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

Sam waxed lyrical about the black pudding liquid croquette and then we had to tell her it was black pudding. Good thing is that she still enjoyed it.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

Such a simple idea but oh so delicious - it's playful, a grown up version of those sesame seed sweets.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

Before the first of our proper courses came out Ramon came out to say a few translated words

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

What struck us is that he seemed to be the opposite of all those serious almost sullen portraits you see of him on the Nuevo site - he was quite bubbly and enthusiastic and you certainly didn't expect him to be wearing hightop converse sneakers.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

To drink: 2007 L'Olivera Blanc de Magres, Parallada

 Besides using different types of tomatoes, they are presented in all manner of ways, sorbet, confit, stock, cooked, raw - it's a dish that celebrates the very essence of tomato.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

To drink: 2007 Pazo Pondal, Albarino

If the crayfish was any fresher it would have shuffled off the plate - in this dish we cut to the chase and enjoy the cray at it's purest form, there's nothing on the plate that overpowers the cray.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

To drink: NV Lastau Amontillado

 Life doesn't get much better than a 63 degree egg and the onion, much like the tomato, is presented in different forms and different treatments. This is a dish that makes you swoon.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

To drink: 2007 McArthur Ridge Pinot Noir

Beautifully crisp skin and the flesh flakes with ease.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

To drink: 2005 Remelluri Reserva Tempranillo

The lamb shank was as tender as it could be and what I found most interesting was just how well lime works with lamb, it's not a flavour I would have chosen before tasting this dish.


To drink: 2008 Marcarina Moscato d'Asti

Another interesting partnership matching peppered marzipan with cheese and the earthiness of the mushrooms and beetroot.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

To drink: NV Alvera Solera 1927 Pedro Ximenez

This is the dish Paalo wasn't too keen on due to Tonka beans but after the first mouthful he was converted.

The details:

Nuevo 37
Hilton South Wharf
2 Convention Centre Place
South Wharf

Phone: +61 3 9027 2126

Dinner - Monday to Saturday - 6pm to late


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    Really a lot of dishes but at the end of all were you hungry or it was just enought.


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