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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dinner @ Nuevo 37

Since we're staying at the Hilton and are after a quiet night we're returning to Nuevo 37 for dinner.

To share:
Nuevo 37© by Haalo

From the bottom left and going clockwise - pan con tomate and jamon (toasted bread with brushed tomatoes, olive oil and jamon), gazpacho, salad, quail and skewers of pickled peppers and white anchovies.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

This sparkled with the vibrant taste of fresh green peas. The omelette was more crepe like in thickness and the soup was pure pea essence.

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

I don't know but it's a bit sad that the waitress has to tell us that this isn't presented as a normal tortilla - I can unfortunately imagine that the looks of shock that probably accompany this dish has lead to this warning needing to be issued.

I must say that this is just absolutely brilliant - the taste, the texture, the whole look of the dish.


Nuevo 37© by Haalo

Nuevo 37© by Haalo


Nuevo 37© by Haalo

Nuevo 37© by Haalo

The details:

Nuevo 37
Hilton South Wharf
2 Convention Centre Place
South Wharf

Phone: +61 3 9027 2126

Dinner - Monday to Saturday - 6pm to late



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