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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lunch @ Koots Salle a Manger

Our morning meeting went longer than expected so we're rewarding ourselves with lunch at Koots.  For Lunch, two options are availble - a limited fixed price menu and a la carte. We've gone for a mix of the two.

For starters:

Koots Salle a Manger© by Haalo
Salt cod brandade with grilled calamari, Mt Zero olives and rocket salad
I don't know why but I am unexplicably drawn to anything with salt cod - perhaps it those Veneto genes I inherited from my father. This is a fabulous example of brandade - excellent cod flavour with that wonderful creamy texture that I just love. Served alongside is simply grilled calamari, lovely and tender.

Koots Salle a Manger© by Haalo

Tuna tartare with cucumber and fresh herbs, salmon roe, wasabi and ginger snow

Paalo enjoyed this so much from our last visit, he's having it again. Happy to report it is ever bit as good as it was.

For mains:
Koots Salle a Manger© by Haalo
Steak Haché with Cafe de Paris Butter and Pommes Frittes - from the Fixed Price Menu

Steak Haché is French for hamburger. Cooked medium rare, it is super moist. The flavoursome butter adding a lovely piquancy to the dish.

Koots Salle a Manger© by Haalo
Potato gnocchi with toasted Hazelnuts, capers, tarragon and blue cheese, beurre noisette and crispy pancetta

Really delightful gnocchi - pan seared, they were still soft inside and not stodgy - the potato flavour evident. I especially appreciated the fact that they were small in size. Some of the crumbled blue cheese melted with the heat of the dish, helping to form an even more delicious sauce.

For dessert:

Koots Salle a Manger© by Haalo

Floating Island - from Fixed Price Menu

Now this should be called a Floating Skyscraper! Delcious custard, light and fluffy meringue - extremely easy to eat.

Koots Salle a Manger© by Haalo
Classic Vanilla Crème Brûlée

Perfect caramelisation - the topping satisfyingly cracks with a few raps of the spoon. Chock full of vanilla seed, it's everything it should be.

The details:

Koots Salle à Manger
479 Glenferrie Road

Phone: 9822 3809
Book Online

Lunch - Tuesday to Friday
Dinner - Tuesday to Saturday

From November 29th, Koots will also be open every Monday for lunch and dinner until December 23rd



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