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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lunch @ Fred Young of Kew

Fred Young of Kew is the type of place that seems to have been around for ages - we've driven past countless times but just not bothered to stop and go try it out. Next year, this area will suddenly become a culinary hotspot with the arrival of St Katherines and I dare say, the pressure will be on existing businesses to survive which is why we've decided to check out the scene.

Fred Young is a fairly large space that hasn't dated very well - it looks all a bit too 1990's shopping center. The menu, well, you can call it old school.

We're here for a quick lunch and opt for the standards:
fred young of kew© by Haalo

Club Sandwich with Fries

It is a generous serve and it is made fresh to order. It's quite good for what it is.

fred young of kew© by Haalo
Steak Sandwich with onion rings

Once again, it is cooked to order - the steak is tender, the onion rings are good, nice and crisp.

Coffee however is you'd expect it to be - thankfully the coffee hasn't been burnt but the blend used is not very good - it's also served way too hot.

The details:

Fred Young of Kew
204 High Street

Phone: 9853 8306

Monday to Sunday : 8am to 5pm


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