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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Breakfast @ NorthSouth Eatery

Our subsquent visits have been for quick coffees but we're back at North South with time on our hands for a leisurely breakfast.

North South Eatery© by Haalo
2 eggs poached at 60°, salmon pastrami, dill, salmon roe

Unfortunately one of my eggs exploded on its way to the table but that doesn't affect the taste. They have that lovely gelatinous quality that is impossible to resist. The salmon roe gives it a luxurious feel and the salmon pastrami is a good change from the usual suspects, smoked salmon and gravlax. Only downside was part of the toast was burnt.

North South Eatery© by Haalo

slow baked beans with smoked ham hock, sourdough toast

Excellent beans, rich and hearty, well flavoured with ham hock

The details:

NorthSouth Eatery
760 Chapel Street
South Yarra

Phone: 9827 6221

Breakfast and Lunch - Monday to Sunday
Dinner: Wednesday to Saturday


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