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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner @ Cafe Vue at Heidi

We seem to be stalking the Café Vues of late - this time we're off to Heidi.

For starters:

Cafe Vue at Heidi© by Haalo

Soft shell crab with mojo sauce
I love the presentation - it looks like the crab is sitting in wait and just about to dash across the plate to have some of that mojo sauce. A fantastic crab, so full of meat, so lovely and juicy.

Cafe Vue at Heidi© by Haalo

Rabbit rillette with pickled vegetables
Presented in the can with grilled bread and pickled vegetables.

For mains:

Cafe Vue at Heidi© by Haalo

Roast David Blackmore wagyu with Yorkshire pudding

Cafe Vue at Heidi© by Haalo

Quail Pithivier

Cafe Vue at Heidi© by Haalo

Beautifully crisp and puffy pastry, served on ultra smooth mashed potatoes (pommes mouselline). Stuffed with whole quail breasts and farce.

For dessert:

Cafe Vue at Heidi© by Haalo

Pistachio soufflé - when this is on the menu why would you order anything else?

The Details:

Café Vue at Heide
7 Templestowe Road

98522 2346

Tuesday to Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday to Sunday: 9am - 5pm
Dinner - Thursday to Saturday: 6pm - 9pm
Closed Mondays


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