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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lunch @ NorthSouth Eatery

After a morning spend drooling over the cars at the Motorclassica we are in need of more than just visual nourishment. We're not really ones to specifically go to places as soon as they open but as we were passing by NorthSouth Eatery we decided to drop in for lunch.


As you'd probably know NorthSouth is the latest baby for ex-Church Street Enoteca head chef Ron O'Bryan and it's housed in what used to be The Italian Kitchen on Chapel Street. A very narrow but long restaurant at the base of one of the newer apartment blocks - its big attraction come the warmer months will be the outside seating for 100.

The menu here is more casual and includes a selection of small share plates as well as entrée/main offerings. The focus is on seasonal produce.


To keep us company while we peruse the menu - oysters in the shell, complete with lids. Just shucked and full of their salty brine.


Next up is the charcuterie plate - the wagyu braesola is some of the best we've ever had, so moist and flavoursome, very good salami and jamon, though the capacolla isn't quite the equal of its companions.

For mains:


Grilled free range pork cutlet, skordalia, almonds, mint - very nicely cooked pork, juicy and full of real flavour. We were both really impressed by the addition of mint, it really freshened the whole dish and made it seem a lot lighter


slow cooked wagyu brisket, hot mustard coleslaw - the brisket was a story in two parts - half the brisket was fantastically tender, easily shredded while the other half was chewy. The coleslaw though was excellent.

The details:

NorthSouth Eatery
760 Chapel Street
South Yarra

Phone: 9827 6221

Breakfast and Lunch - Monday to Sunday
Dinner: Wednesday to Saturday

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  1. Oh I hadn't realised that Ron O'Bryan had moved on. This looks great, I'm always at a bit of a loss as to where to eat well in South Yarra.

  2. He left Church Street at the end of last year and moved, briefly, to Slow Down in St Kilda. He now divides his time between Rising Sun Hotel in South Melbourne and NorthSouth Eatery.


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