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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dinner @ Koots Salle a Manger

The last time we were both at Koots was around Bastille Day so we are well overdue for another visit. There's a new degustation menu on offer so ordering is a snap.

koots salle a manger© by Haalo
Quinoa and organic almond salad with spring baby vegetables, Woodside goats curd

I love the look of this dish - it is so fresh and alive. The vegetables are just cooked, still retaining crunch. There's a lovely nuttiness from the quinoa salad and the woodside goats curd is wonderfully creamy.

koots salle a manger© by Haalo

Salmon Tartare with cucumber and fresh herbs, salmon roe and horseradish snow

My previous experience with a dish with horseradish snow wasn't a pleasant one but here, all is forgiven. The snow is in perfect balance to the rest of the dish - you can appreciate the different flavours and textures.

koots salle a manger© by Haalo

House-made angel hair pasta with spanner crab meat, fresh new season pea purée and crab bisque air

Very delicate and beautiful cooked pasta - the crab bisque air is full of flavour which you can't always say is the case with "air" The pea puree is smooth and sweet a lovely match to the spanner crab meat.

koots salle a manger© by Haalo

Beef tenderloin cooked sous-vide with confit potato, white asparagus, Bordelaise glaze

Very tender and flavoursome meat, matched well with a thick and rich bordelaise sauce. Just cooked white asparagus still with a little bite, confit potatoes, perfectly done with crisp exterior and fluffy interior.

koots salle a manger© by Haalo

Coffee crumble with chocolate sorbet, vanilla meringue and blood orange gel

Ultra smooth, dark and bitter chocolate sorbet plays against the constrasting crunch of coffee crumble and tiny meringue kisses. The blood orange gel is restrained in sweetness and is a good match to the chocolate.

We've always enjoyed our meals here but tonight we were especially impressed by the menu - the dishes seemed to have reached an even higher level, the presentation of all dishes was superb and matched by the taste.

The details:

Koots Salle à Manger
479 Glenferrie Road

Phone: 9822 3809

Lunch - Tuesday to Friday
Dinner - Tuesday to Saturday

From November 29th, Koots will also be open every Monday for lunch and dinner until December 23rd



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