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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pig Dinner @ Osteria La Passione

I know we were just here last week but at that time we noticed a sign for an upcoming pig dinner and well, we really couldn't resist making a booking. Tonight we're roped in a couple of our fellow Eators to join us.
Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
Gnocco fritto, prosciutto, fig relish

Gnocco fritto is a puffy fried pastry - you could almost call it a savoury crostolo. Served alongside, hand sliced prosciutto and fig relish.
Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
Coppa di Testa (Head Cheese or Brawn)
You've got to love these thin slices of coppa served with celeriac remoulade. A perfect combination of well seasoned meat and fat - the fat especially good, melting in the heat of your mouth.

1Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
Pig skin and cannellini stew

This is the dish that seriously impressed us all - how can a stew made with cannellini beans and pig skin be so incredibly delicious. The next pic leaves no doubt what we thought.

1Osteria La Passione© by Haalo

What surprised us is that it wasn't a fatty tasting dish - the skin had developed a lovely gelatinous texture and the sauce was something you couldn't help dunking your bread into.

Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
Cavolo Nero Sformato with lardo

Crisp lardons of pancetta on top - luscious lardo on the botton and in between a delicious light sformato - it's a bit like a combination of bechamel and souffle.
Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
Strozzapreti with pork ragu
Strozzapreti (priest stranglers) is this hand rolled pasta - kind of like thick, slightly twisted, spaghetti - an excellent match to the rich pork ragu
Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
This little piggy is our dinner

Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
Roast suckling pig
You can see that it has lovely, thin and crisp skin - it was served with salad and roasted potatoes and a plate of extra pork for seconds and thirds..
Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
More piggy goodness

The final dish - dessert - no pork in this!
Osteria La Passione© by Haalo
Pistachio Flan

  The details:

  Osteria La Passione
  486 Bridge Road

  Phone: 9428 2558

  Dinner Only - Monday to Saturday


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