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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Milan - Day 2

I awoke to a call from Paalo who is just about to board the plane, the next time I talk to him it should be in person! I also wake to rain, something I hadn't seen since early September in Brussels.

In light of the weather conditions I've had to adjust some plans - in venturing outside it's obvious that today is a public holiday. Just about everything is shut.

I take the tram to the Duomo and manage a few shots from the porticoes surrounding it.




The touts are also out in force armed with umbrellas - I soon lose count of how many times I turn them down.

I take refuge from the weather and the touts inside the galleria - it's so much more pleasant now without the crowds.

0DSC_8467.jpg 0DSC_8469.jpg



0DSC_8481.jpg 0DSC_8483.jpg




0DSC_8504.jpg 0DSC_8502.jpg

After taking photos of just about every square inch of the galleria I take the underground to the Central Station so I can work out where things are for Paalo's arrival tomorrow. It couldn't be easier - the entry of the metro is right next to the entry of the station.

With the weather still miserable and most things shut I head back to the hotel to pick up some clothes and take a trip to the Laundromat - there's just not that much to do.


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