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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Milan - Day 4

It is odd to have someone travelling with me, even if it's Paalo. Let's just say we don't travel at the same pace.

The morning starts off with a return to the Duomo for a more detailed look - which includes going back onto the roof.

milan duomo roof




0DSC_8809.jpg 0DSC_8821.jpg




Back on ground level, restoration work at the Duomo continues


Having stared at the Galleria from the Duomo's roof we spend some time inside for a little indulgence


It may have cost €10 for two coffees - but we are sitting in the Gucci cafe in the Galleria! I must also add that they have the most stylish waiters I've ever seen - decked out in Gucci.

We contemplate a second coffee but time is against us - its a quick walk across the piazza to the Palazzo Reale for the Caravaggio and Europe exhibition.


Our next stop was the Castello Sforzesco as it was on the way to our final destination, a viewing of Il Cenacolo or The Last Supper.

It certainly is a highlight of the trip and although you are only given 15 minutes of viewing time and you have to go through two air locks, you are able to really appreciate the work in a respectful atmosphere. If the Last Supper wasn't impressive enough, there's an exquisite painting of the crucifixion on the opposite wall.


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