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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dinner @ Vue de Monde

It's my birthday and we're off to celebrate at Vue de Monde. Normally this would be an absolute highlight but unfortunately as it happens, the cold and eye infection that I've been trying to hold off has begun to take charge. I suppose I could have stayed home and go out next week but that would be a rather miserable way to spend your birthday. So even though my sense of taste has been affected, I'd rather go out to dinner.

Because of this reduction of taste I'm not going to say too much about the dishes on offer.

We begin with glasses of an incredibly rare 1996 Yarra Yering Late Disgorged Blanc de Noir. It was recently discovered at the winery and has spent 12 years on lees!

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Amuse Bouche:
Cold Pressed heirloom tomato consommé served with a tomato tart, cured Spanish mackerel, topped with baby basil

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Crabe Sauté accompagné de Caviar

King Crab, sautéed, served with clear bisque ravioli, Osetra caviar and noodle
Drink: 2007 Wittman Riesling Morstein Grosses Gewachs

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

It's the first of several dishes where distillation plays a part. There are various textures and preparation of crab, the clear jelly of the ravioli are formed from a bisque distillation, the darker jelly noddle formed from the liquid remaining after distillation.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Linquine et Risoni Aux Champignons
Linguine and Risoni cooked in cep stock served with shimejji mushrooms
Drink: NV Barbeito Madeira Sercial

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
The linguine are coloured and infused with flavour from their cooking in cep stock.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Textures of Tuna

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Foie Gras en Cigare
Foie Gras cigar and edible charcoal
Drink: 2006 Franz Hass Traminer Aromatico

This is a dish that had as all confused. You see, this looks exactly like one the desserts we've had here before - a smoking chocolate cigar served with edible charcoal and it's too early for dessert

This "cigare" is filled with a foie gras mousse!

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Filet de Saint-Pierre aux Douze Epices
Fillet of John Dory crusted with potato scales served with vegetable carpaccio and twelve spice sauce
Drink: 2005 Chestnut Hill Chardonnay

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Jus au verjus - Liquid Verjus at -8ºC

This is a dish you have to watch closely. When the glasses are set before you, there's a frozen ball of pomegranate at the bottom of the glass - when they pour over the liquid verjus over it, the ice crystals start to grow, magically forming a tall pyramid in the glass. Hard to describe, really intriguing to watch

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Déclinaison de Boeuf
Four textures of beef, chequerboard of white polenta and beef shin, crispy chilli intercostal, confit of sirloin and flank, with pumpkin and yuzu stuffed baby squash
Drink: 2006 S C Panell Nebbiolo

Quite the impressive dish - I loved the way the white polenta and beef shin shared the same texture, the intercostal counters with crispness and spice.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Canneloni a la Bolognaise et Lievre Poché
Hare bolognaise filled cannelloni served with poached loin and pea purée
Drink: 2004 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Roti de Porc
Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly with pork rillette pancake and panada stuffed baby apple
Drink: 2004 Kanonkop Paul Saurer

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Chevrot goat's cheese served with mushroom soil and baby beetroot
Drink: 2007 Santa Rita Late Harvest Moscatel

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

The baby beetroot are in the pot and are skewered on liquorice bark

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Salade de Fruits
Orange Raspberry snow crystals topped with Marsala Zabaglione

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Sago au Cassis et Fruits des Bois
Deconstructed cassis sago pudding with berries and bubblegum ice cream
Drink: 2006 Bella Ridge Estate Kyoho

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

Tartare de Figues et Chocolate Blanc Chaud
Tartare of figs with white chocolate and marscarpone mousse, finished with warmed honey oil
Drink: 2006 Rivera Moscato di Trani

Finally I get to try this dessert! It comes to the table with a white chocolate lid - the warmed honey oil is then poured over, melting the chocolate virtually on contact.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo

The details:

Vue de Monde
Normanby Chambers
430 Little Collins Street
Phone: 03 9691 3888

Lunch: Tuesday - Friday Bookings:12.00pm-2.00pm
Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday Bookings:6.30pm-9.30pm



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