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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dinner @ Magic City

The last time we had dinner at Magic City was about this time four years ago(!) so we're more than overdue for another visit.

Magic City© by Haalo
Seared Tuna, Wasabi Mayonnaise, Pickled Radish, Nori Salt
Paalo couldn't resist ordering the seared tuna and when you see it, you can understand.

Magic City© by Haalo
Seared Scallops, chicken wings, green onion, sweetcorn, sesame
The chicken wings had been boned and fried and served in bite sized pieces. Scallops were well cooked, still translucent on the inside - the sweetcorn puree was very smooth.


Magic City© by Haalo
Roasted Lamb Rump with dried fruit tabouleh and roasted carrots
While Paalo did enjoy this dish, he would have preferred to have my choice.

Magic City© by Haalo
Coconut braised beef brisket with salad of green mango, peanuts and asian herbs
I feel sorry for the lamp rump as it was no match for this coconut braised brisket. The sauce alone was incredible but add that to the beautifully tender and flavoursome brisket and it is close to perfection. Each bite makes you want to take another and another.


Magic City© by Haalo
Vanilla bean pannacotta
The pannacotta was served with strawberries in many forms - jelly, sorbet, dried, sauce.

Magic City© by Haalo
Banana Semifreddo, toasted marshmallow

  The details:

  Magic City
  871 Burke Road

  Phone: 9882 7788

  Book Online

  Tuesday to Friday: 10am till late
  Saturday to Sunday: 9am till late

  WEB: Magic City


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